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At adv, we reside and breathe an unwavering dedication to attaining excellence in automotive care. Our unwavering commitment is to redefine the car care experience, offering meticulous detailing and valeting services that transcend expectations. We strive not only to enhance the appearance of vehicles but also to enhance the overall quality of life for our clients.

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A Passionate Decade of Excellence Our story began over ten years ago when two friends, Kriss and Slawek, discovered their shared love for cars. They were both working as detailers and valeters when their path towards excellence first began. With each passing day on the longmile road, their passion for cars only grew stronger, leading them down an unexpected and extraordinary path. Thanks to the guidance and mentorship of seasoned professionals, they were able to refine their skills and gain invaluable experience. But their journey did not stop there. Fueled by their unwavering passion, Kriss and Slawek dreamed of owning their own business. And it was not long before they turned that dream into reality by acquiring the very business they had helped flourish. Originally located on the longmile road, ADV began as a small venture but with big aspirations. And now, after a decade of hard work and dedication, it has evolved into a symbol of excellence in the automotive