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Trust Auto Detail Valeting car detailing services in Dublin to restore shine and protection on your car. Our detailing studio is fully equipped with the latest products to provide the best care for all types of paint. Your car can be cleaned, polished and restored to as-new finish inside and out.



Ozonation is a process of using ozone gas to remove odors, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants from the air and surfaces inside a vehicle. It’s a highly effective method for neutralizing unpleasant smells and purifying the interior environment.

Polishing (Paint Correction)

One of the ways to improve the exterior of the car without the need for painting is a correction or commonly known as a paint polish. This process, depending on the condition of the paint surface, can be divided into one, two or more stages. For new cars or those with slightly damaged paintwork, a one-step correction is recommended. In the case of more damaged varnishes, a more advanced solution is used, i.e. a multi-stage process.

-all prices depend on car paint condition*

Interior Cleaning and Restoration

ven high-quality leather wears out over the years. Then the luxurious interior ceases to please the eyes of the car owner. Take advantage of our comprehensive regeneration service for leather upholstery and other elements made of leather and Alcantara, including hems.

Trough years of use some of your car parts might need just more than refreshing. Our facility gives you chance to restore your leather seats (any kind of type and color)

Vehicle and Van De-wrapping


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