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We’re where automotive detailing expertise meets pure excellence. Our skilled team of detailers brings with them a wealth of experience, making us a standout destination in Dublin that truly values its clients. At Adv detailers, we take great pride in our dedication to using only the highest quality car care products for unmatched detailing perfection. Our rigorous process involves thorough product selection and testing, ensuring that only the absolute best materials are used for a wide range of services including waxing, detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, leather restoration, and more.

No matter if it’s cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, or any other machinery in need of long-lasting protection and a stunning shine, we have you covered. At Adv detailers in Dublin , we go above and beyond to leave your vehicles looking flawless

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Introducing Kriss: the exceptional leader at ADV who takes charge of daily operations with a level of expertise that surpasses the ordinary. As a detailer, he specializes in the intricate art of leather restoration and waxing, displaying a meticulous touch that sets the standard in automotive care. But Kriss is not just any detailer; he is a master of car ceramic coating. His unwavering belief is that the foundation for flawless ceramic coating lies in the precision of paint correction and thorough preparation. This unwavering commitment to perfection is evident in every vehicle he works on. Beyond his work in the detailing bay, Kriss is a devoted family man and a proud owner of a loyal Labrador. His love for the automotive world extends beyond his daily duties, as he is also a connoisseur of supercars. In his spare time, he can often be found admiring and discussing the latest and greatest in the world of high-performance cars.